Mambo Rujak Mango Ice Recipe, Refresh You During a Hot Afternoon

Ice mambo favorite in childhood now looks fresh with new creations. Want to serve it on a scorching hot day? Come on, find out how here!

Es mambo or also known as ice wax are two words that remind Indonesians of their childhood. Both are actually similar in content or packaging. This is different, for example, with Ganefo ice which uses a stick to hold it while enjoying the ice. Well, this time I have an exciting recipe for ice mambo for you to try at home!

Instead of filling it with fruit or milk flavours, this time I wanted to try it with rujak filling. When the season comes, use Indramayu mangoes. Famous for its delicacy, this variety is often called cengkir mango which is sweet even though it is not ripe. The texture is usually crunchier than the Harum Manis mango. Then there is also stuffing in the form of yam and papaya to add to the excitement. The ingredients for the salad itself use Buavita Guava which has good nutritional value, plus chili, tamarind, lime juice, brown sugar, and salt. Wow, that’s really what it is!

The rest follow the recipe below! Next time you can also try other dessert dishes such as strawberry cheesecake brownie sundae, fresh mango frutiliciou , or tropical beetroot juice.



100 g Indramayu/Manalagi mango flesh, cut into small dice
70 g yam, cut into small squares
70 g papaya flesh, cut into small dice


4 x 250 ml Buavita Guava
2 curly red chilies, remove seeds, puree
2 Tbsp tamarind, dissolve with 4 tbsp hot water
5 tsp lime juice
150 g brown sugar, shaved
️1 tsp salt

How to make

1 Cook all the rujak ingredients, including Buavita Guava, until it boils. Strain and pour into a bowl.

2 Cut the mangoes, then put them in a bowl that has been poured with rujak seasoning. Stir well and chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to infuse.

3 Prepare an empty Buavita Guava package , pour the salad mixture. Freeze in the freezer, serve.

Good luck!