Minang’s typical chicken rendang recipe, the default makes you want to add more

Make Minang’s Typical Chicken Rendang recipe, come on! Suitable for those of you who miss the original dishes of West Sumatra. Check out the recipe here, OK!

Chicken rendang is not a dish that every Padang restaurant or restaurant has. Even so, this popular dish in the Bukit Tinggi area cannot be ignored. This dish has quite a lot of fans, especially for those who have traveled to West Sumatra. In fact, this dish is made from skinless chicken pieces. It is a mainstay menu that is often used as souvenirs other than beef rendang.

In the area of ​​origin, rendang is a term for a cooking method or technique that is carried out to remove the water content in the dish or what is known as mendang. If in big cities outside West Sumatra, they usually only know rendang from beef, then any ingredients can be used as rendang by the Minang tribe. For example chicken, vegetables, to eggs or shellfish. Fun, right?

In the area of ​​origin, it is called rendang if it is really cooked until dry or without water content. No wonder the side dish of rendang is used as a side dish that is used as a provision or souvenir because of its long shelf life. For rendang recipes from chicken meat, West Sumatrans usually process it from skinless chicken meat. This also applies to dishes made from other chicken meat such as Pop Chicken, Chicken Curry, or Fried Chicken. It has become a custom in West Sumatra not to eat chicken skin so that the chicken meat is sold whole in traditional markets.

As a companion to the Minang Special Chicken Rendang, you can serve it with a plate of warm rice, Balado Ikan Bilis, Cassava Leaf Curry , or just boiled cassava leaves with green chili sauce. So you want to cook right away, right? Come on, make this special recipe!


1 free-range chicken, cut into 8 parts
200 g potato rendang
600 ml of thin coconut milk
500 ml thick coconut milk
4 lemongrass stalks, bruised
2 turmeric leaf
8 lime leaf
2 cardamom grains
3 cloves
3 cm cinnamon
1 kandis sour fruit
1 Tbsp Royco Chicken Broth

Ground spices

200 g curly red chili
150 g onion
6 garlic clove
3 cm ginger
3 cm galangal
1 tsp salt

How to make

1 Add chicken meat, thin coconut milk, ground spices, coconut milk, lemon grass, turmeric leaves, lime leaves, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon into the pan. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until it boils.

2 Add the potatoes, cook, stirring occasionally, until the chicken is half cooked. Add thick coconut milk and Royco Chicken Broth.

3 Continue to cook over low heat while stirring so that the coconut milk doesn’t break. Cook until the coconut milk is dry and oily.

4 Lift. Serve.

Happy cooking!