A delicious and addictive Angkringan Cat Rice Recipe

Miss eating Angkringan Cat Rice? Come on, make it yourself at home! With an exciting soy sauce ungkep chicken recipe that keeps adding up.

Who does n’t miss feeling the excitement of eating Nasi Kucing Angkringan with all kinds of side dishes that will make you forget to stop. This popular street food from Yogyakarta, Solo, and Semarang is indeed fun to eat with friends. Peddled at night, eating cat rice can indeed be one of the casual dining agendas with cheap prices.

There are several choices of mini portioned rice menu which is also called sego cat. Among them are milkfish pindang rice, spicy cob, anchovy rice, or tempeh rice. The most exciting is the variety of side dishes for friends with rice. Starting from the choice of satay-satean (chicken wings, gizzard liver, intestines, quail eggs), fried foods, to tempe-tofu bacem. What is always distinctive is a glass of tea or wedang which is always available to accompany the meal. Exciting!

In order to provide an atmosphere of eating Nasi Kucing Angkringan at home, Cook What Today presents this favorite street food recipe for you and your family. Serve with toppings of Spicy Shredded Cob , as well as Tempe Tofu Bacem, Bakwan Sayur, Tempe Mendoan , and don’t forget a warm drink as a cover. Want more street food recipes? Don’t forget to follow, like, and if you have any questions or want to request a recipe, you can directly ask in the comments column of the Cook What’s Today Instagram account.


2 portion of white rice

Sweet chicken satay

8 put chicken gizzard hearts
4 chicken thighs, remove the skin
4 chicken wings
12 chicken leg
2 lemongrass stalks, bruised
4 cm galangal, bruised
5 lime leaf
2 bay leaf
500 ml of water
4 tbsp Bango Sweet Soy Sauce
1 Tbsp Royco Chicken Broth skewer
3 tbsp oil, for frying banana leaf, for wrapping

Ground spices

12 red onion
8 garlic clove
6 hazelnut grains, roasted
1 tsp coriander granules
1 tsp white pepper granules
1 tsp salt


Spicy Shredded Cob
Flour fried tempeh
Tempe tofu bacem
Chilli sauce

How to make

1 Heat oil, saute ground spices, lemon grass, galangal, lime leaves, and bay leaves until fragrant. Add the wings, chicken legs, chicken thighs, and gizzard liver, stir.

2 Pour water, cook until boiling. Add Bango Sweet Soy Sauce and Royco Chicken Broth , stir. Turn down the fire. Pot lid.

3 Cook until soft and cooked. Lift. Let stand until absorbed and not hot.

4 Insert each ingredient into a skewer separately. Set aside.

5 Heat the grill pan, grill the satay until brown. Lift.

6 Prepare 6 banana leaves, divide the rice into 6 parts and place the rice on each banana leaf. Put 1 tablespoon of spicy shredded cob on it. Wrap. Pin it with a toothpick.

7 Serve the cat rice with various types of satay above and its complements.

Congratulations on adding!