Egg Roll Fried Rice Recipe, Inspiration for Delicious Anti Residual Menu

This omelette fried rice recipe is perfect for those of you who are bored with ordinary fried rice. Include it with a complement to make it even more solid!

Prepare egg roll fried rice as a new breakfast menu this week. This is perfect for those of you who might be running out of ideas on how to process leftover rice from last night that you couldn’t eat. Don’t forget to always transfer the rice in the rice cooker to an airtight plastic box and store it in the refrigerator. The right condition of rice for fried rice is that it is not hot and wet. The reason is so that it doesn’t stick and is easily evenly distributed with the spices when sauteed.

As we know, rice is one of the leftover foods often found in every household. Understandably, the new rice that is still fresh tastes better. In fact, fried omelette recipes like this alone can help us protect the earth and reduce food waste that is currently happening in various parts of the world. Indonesia is the second largest country in the world that contributes to food waste and the number is alarming. Because this excess food residue can actually help the food needs of up to 28 million poor people in this country.

The idea of ​​making this omelette fried rice was inspired by the popular Japanese omurice dish . Omurice is a moist or half-cooked omelette with fried rice underneath. A different version of Omurice is also found with fried rice stuffing inside. You can serve omelette fried rice as a practical and easy breakfast menu. Don’t forget to also prepare the typical Indonesian complement. For example, pickled onions, crackers, fried onions, and abon sprinkles.

Hopefully this #ResepLezatAntiSisa can inspire us all to be wiser with the food we consume and help protect this earth together. Let’s make World Food Day a success, which falls every October 16!



400 g white rice
2 chicken eggs
2 tbsp oil
1 tsp margarine
1 Pack Royco Full Seasoning Fried Rice

Omelette, beat together, make a thin omelet

6 chicken eggs
️1 tsp Royco Chicken Broth

How to make

1 Heat the oil and margarine in a frying pan.

2 Add eggs, cook scrambled until eggs are cooked.

3 Enter the rice and Royco Bumbu Complete Fried Rice, mix well.

4 Take 1 omellete sheet, fill the middle with 1/4 part of fried rice. Roll up. Repeat until the end.

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